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     ​    Energy, Environment & your Home

​​​Healthy homes of the future will be living buildings, interactive with new technologies fostered by AI and the Internet of Things. They'll be instinctive spaces with automated energy and lighting, air and water purification, and water wise landscaping. Sustainability starts at home. 

Protecting our watersheds from pollution is an epic challenge of our time. Storm water runoff often overwhelms our struggles for clean water, essential for our well-being. Green tools such as rain barrels and rain gardens help manage storm water and facilitate the health of rivers and streams. ​​

Evidence shows​​that plants clean our water and air, owed to revelatory studies by NASA. Our relation to nature is symbiotic. Wetlands are important because they are filtration systems for the planet. Consequently, biophilic design is essential in the built environment and with our HVAC systems.